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Viral BitCoin Collection Tool!
Instant Bitcoin Commissions up to 6 levels deep!

How Many Viral Ad Pages Your Ad Could Be Seen On*

Levels # Referred Total Pages
Your Viral Ad Page  
Level 1 (your direct referrals) people
Level 2 (your level 1 referrals each refer) people
Level 3 (your level 2 referrals each refer) people
Level 4 (your level 3 referrals each refer) people
Level 5 (your level 4 referrals each refer) people
Level 6 (your level 5 referrals each refer) people
Grand total your ad could be on >>>

Go ahead and play with the numbers!
Based on the info above, just from upgrades alone...
A pro member can potentially earn:
(Earnings from all 6 levels)

These commissions DO NOT include massive residual commissions
earned from regular Viral Pool advertising packages!

As a pro member, if you and all your referrals showed your Viral Ad Pages only 10 times a day your ad would be seen
times a day!

That grand total is the total number of Viral Ad Pages your ad could potentially be seen on as a pro member by only referring 5 people!

As a pro member, if you find only 5 members that upgrade to pro, and each person in your downline find only 5 members that upgrade to pro, all the way down 6 levels, you could earn a minimum of 97.7 Bitcoins!

In addition to your referrals paying a one time fee for pro membership, most members purchase monthly Viral Pool advertising packages, as much as a year at a time providing you regular, passive income!

You can earn regular, passive, instant Bitcoin commissions up to 6 levels deep! The Bitcoin you can earn is limitless and can come every day!


*The BTC Calculator is for illustrative purposes only. Your results may vary. The commissions calculated above are based on 30% for level 1 commissions which are earned in the first 30 days of membership. After 30 days, level 1 referral commissions are 25%. All additional levels of commissions are 10%. This is based only upon lifetime membership which has a current price of .05 Bitcoin. Residual Bitcoin commissions can be earned in addition from repeat purchases of Viral Pool advertising packages.

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